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Paper tissues, nose spray, peppermint oil, paracetamol – I have it all, cold included. I make guacamole with garlic and chili, burning concoctions with chili, honey and ginger, green tea, more green tea, then try a garlic broth, the recipe a courtesy from the New York Times’ health section. Still

My head floats in air,
Round and white like a full moon,
Useless in daylight.

This unstable satellite would prefer to crash down into the atmosphere of a bed, impressing the pillow with its weight, leaving a crater for future explorers to exclaim: look! Here once lay a head! Or something like it.

During the day I stare at nothing, my food tastes of nothing, I hear nothing if not called twice. One could think I was in love.

I breathe heavily,
Face flushed like an autumn tree.
A sneeze shakes the leaves.

I feel as sexy as a naked, gnarled branch as I reach for another packet of paper tissues.