On my journey through foreign countries
I came upon a frog, skin glistening,
With Adam’s apple rippling in his throat,
And oh,
Great legs,
Big eyes,
What a shot!
I swooned, went down on my knees,
Begged him, coaxed him, to leave the mud
And seek protection in my hand, at which
Event I could but bring him to my lips and snatch a kiss.
I felt the moisture spread,
And the taste of spices lingered on my tongue,
And my breath accelerated like a ferrari given green,
And my heart pounded with the force of a chef tenderizing the steak,
And the thrushes reached an epiphany with decibels worthy
Of Sex Pistols drowning out a Saturday night pub party and he, and he

On my journey through foreign countries
I met a frog,
And if he has not been eaten by a bird he might still be there.